Basic Rules are as follows

1. Teams can have between 2-6 people in them.

2. You have to complete all work at the MCG during the allotted time.

3. Ideas can be developed before you arrive, but not code.

4. You can build or develop in/on any language or platform but you must make this accessible.

5. You will be respectful of all other people and will agree to follow the Hack Code of Conduct 

6. You will be respectful to Hackathon Staff and follow their instructions throughout the event

Failure to comply with the Basic Rules may see individuals or teams removed from the competition and expelled from the MCG.




All Intellectual Property developed by teams at the Spotless Hack @ the G will be owned by you and the rest of your team.

Whilst you can use third-party material this must be legally licensed to at least one member of the team and currently available to the public to download or buy. You may purchase other items but at your own expense. Before purchasing anything, we recommend you checkout and attend our lead up technology seminar series events delivered by our Technology Partners to see and get familiar with the awesome equipment they will make available for you to use during the Hackathon. Click here for more detail.